Two days in the blue medina of Chefchaoun


In numerous walks through Chefchaoun, a rural town in northern Morocco, I was left with memories so vivid and impressions remarkable enough to linger over for years to come. It is a beauty that I do not wish to lose, and hence I wrote on. After over a week road-tripping around Spain, I decided to end spring break on a good note. And what’s better than ferrying across to a quiet Moroccan town for two days before returning to London, back to reality and routine. It was a last minute decision but a brilliant idea nonetheless. Famous for its blue shades, Chefchaoun is blue in all direction: light blue, dark blue, ocean blue, sky blue. It was vibrant, crisp, and superbly relaxing. The town is in itself a maze of miniature, a labyrinth with secret alleys and blue-rinsed houses tightly packed together. Every single turn captures the town’s unique energy. The rush of blue is working in its own brilliant way of spreading positive energy within the medina, in the cafes, shops, street venders and restaurants. It contrasts superbly with the children playing ball and cats comfortably leaping around town.

Tranquility in the countryside is universal and Chefchaoun was no different. Surrounding Chefchaoun are mountains with trails leading to spectacular viewpoints of the town, with the most spectacular being the Spanish mosque at the summit. As I exhaled a huge puff of that sweet hash – so reflective of the richness of the Moroccan culture – I looked down from Spanish mosque overlooking the gorgeous blue shades of Chefchaoun, and I already knew that a picture would not have captured it as well as with words.

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