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  • 400 years later, Shakespeare is still modern


    Candlelit and warm, the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse transports its audience back to the Elizabethan Age, where lighting was little more than the will of the sun and strength of a fire. The cozy wooden benches that tower over the stage are the vehicles that take you through not one transportation, but two. First, you travel to the Elizabethan Age, then you are transported to an island as a storm ensues, opening the Shakespeare play, The Tempest.

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  • March: Things to Do

    José Hernandez

    Land of the Lions at London Zoo If you haven’t yet made it to London Zoo in beautiful Regent’s Park, make sure you check it out soon, as it will soon be opening a brand new and enormous exhibit of Asiatic Lions in an enclosure designed to look like a ruined lion temple. You can explore the temple, cycle rickshaws (and “race” a lion!), as well as learn about Gujarat, the state of India where the lions are from.

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  • Tame Impala at Alexandra Palace

    Victoria Bik

    As someone who had listened to Innerspeaker and Lonerism with a fan’s dedication and yet lost contact with Tame Impala up until attending their ascent onto Alexandra Palace last month, I was in an interesting position on reviewing the band’s performance. I was familiar enough with Tame Impala’s psychedelic style to appreciate it accordingly, but I still had high expectations for what the band would amount to as a live production. I laid in wait to witness if Kevin Parker could translate his genius as a producer into a live concert on foreign ground.

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  • Chocolategasm

    By Justice Witsell

    London, a mecca full of guilty purchases (I mean pleasures) for the retail enthusiasts… and chocolate addicts. This week Olympia London housed the famous Chocolate Show where all the sweet toothed finger-lickers racked their eyes around tables lined with chocolate delicacies. The delicious smell was so strong you could taste it in the air.