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  • International groceries in a nutshell

    José Hernandez

    Regardless of the debated quality of British cuisine, eating out in London can quickly become tiresome and expensive. After long hours of class, heading home to relax often becomes the most tempting option. For many of us that are trying to adjust to the unfamiliarity of a study abroad experience, there is nothing more reassuring than realizing that amidst this dizzying change some things just don’t change after all. The easily replicable diet of microwaveable meals — or food that shouldn’t even be counted as meals — typical of the poor and lazy college student is a reminder of home. Or at least, a reminder of your second home, your life back at your home campus.

  • Eating
  • Healthy food near campus

    Map_Healthy food

    English food can often be heavy and lack a good helping of vegetables that we all know our bodies and taste buds are craving at this point. Although we are not as much in the struggle as our fellow NYU peers abroad in the land of meat, Prague, it can still take a little bit of searching to find a clean, healthy, and student-budget friendly meal here in London.

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  • Chewing Over Veganism

    By Téa Kvetenadze

    Fish and chips? Bangers and mash? Meat pies? Hardly a vegan’s paradise. Traditional English food can be a challenge for the London vegan or vegetarian. However, with this guide in hand and a little bit of exploration, those living the plant-based life or even those veg-curious carnivores can fill up on some delicious eats. The Russell Square area will give you a much more fulfilling and fun experience abroad, and can give you a chance to meet new people and learn more about the extensive cultural scene in this city.