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  • Exploring Brixton Market

    Brixton Market

    Nestled in the streets and alleyways around Brixton train station are a chorus of market stalls catering to the broad tastes and palates that make up modern London. Next weekend or on a midweek afternoon off hop on the Victoria Line and take it to the end to get some of the tastiest and comparatively cheap food in London while browsing the numerous street stalls.

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  • UK vs. Hungary on the Refugee Crisis


    Hungary and specifically the statements of Prime Minister Viktor Orban have contributed to the stalemate when it comes to establishing a plan for the refugee crisis. Having just returned from Budapest, I can attest to the fact that the period of transition, enacted to separate the previously Soviet countries from communist policies, is still not over because soviet era policies and social norms are still present.

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  • Remembering the Paris attacks

    By Téa Kvetenadze

    November 13 should have been like any other Friday in Paris. People dined at restaurants and drank in bars; crowds poured into the Stade de France stadium in the north of the city for a football friendly; others still packed the Bataclan concert hall to watch a performance by the American band Eagles of Death Metal. But that night the city was shaken by several nearly simultaneously attacks by gunmen and suicide bombers that left at least 129 people dead and hundreds injured.

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  • Think Outside the Square: Brixton

    By Andrew Campbell Nelson

    With such a convenient location, it’s easy to spend most of your time in London exploring the area close to campus; there are endless amounts of museums, pubs, clubs and parks just minutes away from the Academic Center and residences. There are, however, some truly amazing parts of London that are a little farther outside our NYUL bubble that are well worth a visit.